xESMF: Universal Regridder for Geospatial Data

xESMF is a Python package for regridding. It is

  • Powerful: It uses ESMF/ESMPy as backend and can regrid between general curvilinear grids with all ESMF regridding algorithms, such as bilinear, conservative and nearest neighbour.
  • Easy-to-use: It abstracts away ESMF’s complicated infrastructure and provides a simple, high-level API, compatible with xarray as well as basic numpy arrays.
  • Fast: It is faster than ESMPy’s original Fortran regridding engine (surprise! here’s benchmark), due to the use of the highly-optimized Scipy sparse matrix library.


xESMF is at early stage of development and will keep improving in the future. The major regridding API should be quite stable, but minor ultilities could change in the next version. If you find any bugs or would like to request any enhancements, please raise an issue on GitHub.